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“Stewart and Jeremy are the best real estate agents my wife and I have ever dealt with.

First and foremost, they’re both extremely pleasant, relatable, and very patient. They take the time to listen, and took repeated initiative to locate and identify properties that fit our specifications. Too often in the past, we’ve dealt with agents who simply chauffeured us to various homes we spotted ourselves on MLS. This was not the case with Jeremy and Stewart. They did all the heavy lifting.

My wife and I were also very impressed with their ability to read the marketplace, navigating reams of data, while analyzing current sales trends to ensure our home sold rapidly, and at a fair price.

Most importantly, at a critical time when it appeared as if the deal to sell our house might fall through due to an antsy buyer, Stewart and Jeremy worked diligently and collaboratively with the buyer’s agent to ensure a smooth and happy resolution. They’re clearly respected by their peers.

We had never dealt with a real estate “duo” prior to Stewart and Jeremy, but the experience could not have been more satisfying. No matter to whom we were speaking, each was always fully briefed, and never at a loss for information on where we stood with our sale and purchase.

The old saying “two heads are better than one” definitely applies to Stewart and Jeremy!” – Nathan Smith