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Downtown London is a vibrant mix of parks, restaurants, Victorian homes and modern condos. In the summer months, London’s main downtown parks, Victoria and Harris Park, host various festivals almost every weekend. Rock the Park, Sunfest and Ribfest are just a few of the many events downtown hosts.

Woodfield, Soho and the main downtown core are all expierencing growth and in some areas a renaissance. Soho is quickly becoming London’s tech corridor. Woodfield features homes built in the early 1800’s and these renovated properties can fetch some of the highest prices in the city. Cranes can constantly be seen in the skyline of downtown and this can only mean good things for the continued growth and diversification of our downtown core.

With a number of condo buildings recently completed and more slated for the future, Downtown London is fast becoming a major metropolis. While these neighbourhoods are evolving, the old architecture means there will always history in the landscape.

4,010 people, 35% of Central London’s population lived in the Downtown area in 2011, up by 17 percent since 2006.

21 percent of the 2,600 households are home owners.

Half of households have an annual total income greater than $50,553.

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