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Tips For Moving Home In Winter

Moving Home In The Winter

Here are some of our top tips for moving house in winter.

Be Flexible

Moving in winter can come with some very distinct challenges. Where possible try and be flexible. If you are having trouble moving then likely so are the people where you are moving to. Where possible try and track the weather in the week before your move and adjust where possible. 

If a particularly large storm is headed your way on move day consider rescheduling. Remember Banks, Lawyers, Realtors, need a little notice to make this happen. 

Prepare for the Move and the Weather

Before you start loading boxes make sure the way is prepared and safe. 

Shovel snow,

Create paths wide enough to carry large furniture etc,

Salt, Salt, and more Salt,

Make sure the driveway is clear enough for your moving truck,

On the inside make sure you cover up the pathways that will be most used. Use sheets and tarps. This will lead to less cleaning after you have finished packing.

Protect Your Belongings from the Weather

If you are using a storage container make sure and protect anything that could shatter or break with the extreme cold.

Look After The Movers

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, anything warm would be appreciated. Make sure you are understanding of longer pr more frequent breaks. You want everything and everyone safe at the end of the day. 

Allow Extra Time

Roads could busy, closed, or slick. Account for extra time making your journey wherever you are moving. 

Prepare Your New Home For The Weather

Make sure you have cleared the driveway and salted where you are going. 

Also prepare the home with with tarps and cloths as well to make sure boxes can get to where you want them.