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Tips For Long Distance House Hunting

Buying a home when you live where you are looking can be stressful. Doing it across provinces or the entire country can be overwhelming.

We are here to help. Make sure you create a plan and stick with it.

With the correct agent, right technology, and a small leap of faith it can be done with minimal hassle. Here are some ideas to help.

Step 1: Research…

Nothing is better than looking at neighbourhoods in person however with modern technology you can start from anywhere.

What You Can Research Online:
  • commute times
  • crime rates
  • schools rank
  • local amenities
  • daycare
  • local transit
  • local sports clubs
The Most Important Research:

Finding you real estate agent to help you with house hunting.


Budget For Travel

We would recommend at least a five to seven day window for house hunting. trying to view lots of homes in a smaller time frame is going to lead to frustration.

You can only process so many properties in a day. After that it becomes a blur.

you will also want to schedule time for inspections, visiting the home again before closing etc…

Know what you want

Before you even start your search be clear on what you are looking for. Make a list of needs vs wants. Speak to a local expert and see where it all fits in.


Trust Your Plan and your Support Network

Once you start the process be confident in what you have planned and who you are hiring. Make sure and ask all the tough questions at the start.