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Selling Your Home During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Home Selling & Covid 19

The world has changed. We are all going to have to adapt and overcome these changes in our daily life. Home selling will be no different. 

For various reasons people still need to sell their homes. The London real estate market has remained active. Homes are still getting multiple offers and people are still actively searching for homes. 

In this article we are going to discuss how selling your home may differ during Covid-19.





Let me be clear: If you do not have to sell your home right now, you should think long and hard about whether or not you should do it. 

You must assess your own risk, if you are immuno-compromised, have pre-existing conditions, or are in the high risk categories you should really consider delaying your home sale until we have more treatment and vaccination options available. 

That being said, if you need to sell your home, lets take a look at how that would work during Covid-19.



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Technology  Is Your Friend

We have had many amazing advancements in real estate technology over the last few years. From virtual home staging to electronic signatures, technology is going to be your friend in completing your home sale in the safest way. 


Selecting Your Agent

This can be done mostly online. You can review websites, online presence, and you can also host interviews over Zoom / Facebook Messenger. 

Once you have selected an agent you think is a good fit, they will need to visit your property to complete an evaluation.

We have been asking home owners to wait outside while we take a walk through. 

  • We wear a mask
  • Use Lysol Wipes to open any doors or wipe down anything we touch
  • Maintain social distancing protocols at all times

After the evaluation we can either discuss the home outside or we can arrange to speak over the phone / via online video chat


Signing Your Listing Paperwork

We sign all listing paperwork electronically via Docusign. It is a very simple process and you can do it via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 


Listing Strategy

Before the first showing comes we need to decide on a strategy.

Homes are still receiving multiple offers in London and we will need to discuss your needs and expectations.

Are you going to hold offers? Are you going to just accept offers as they may come? Do you want to restrict showing times? 

Some aspects of the strategy are negotiable, others are non-negotiable.

  • Only one showing at a time
  • NO open houses
  • No large groups
  • All showings must sign disclosure and indemnification forms

Full Copy: Royal LePage Showing Protocols


Listing Preparation

Our Photographer, Videographer, and perhaps Home Stager will need to visit your home. 

You should not be home when these people visit. We will accompany them. 

Everything they touch will be disinfected before you return. 


Showcasing Your Home  & Screening Showings

We will use videos and photos to showcase your home to as many people possible over all our social media channels. 

Before ANYONE is allowed into your home we will ensure:

  • They have reviewed all photos and videos
  • Have visited the neigbourhood before, are aware of the surroundings, and location
  • Have been pre-qualified by their mortgage company
  • We will request other Realtors confirm this with their clients
  • Will sign all required disclaimer forms 
  • Have read our showing procedures documents


How Will Showings Work?

All showing will be scheduled by us. 

  • Only one showing will be allowed at a time
  • Showing appointments will be for 30 minutes
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be left at the property for everyone to use
  • You should not be home for any of these appointments


Offer Process

At the agreed upon time, we will have all offer submitted electronically.


We will send you copies of all submitted offers and then arrange a call or video conference to discuss. 

All offers will be signed by Docusign and forwarded to your bank and lawyers electronically. 


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Copy Of Royal LePage Showing Protocols