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Questions You Should Ask when Hiring A Realtor

Time To Sell Your Home?

Here Are Some Ideas Of  The Questions You Should Ask A Realtor.

So you have decided to sell your home. Interviewing local Real Estate Agents is crucial part of the process. Here are some questions you should ask every Realtor you interview. 

How London Have You Been A Realtor?

Just because someone has 10, 15, or 20 years experience doesn’t automatically make them the best choice for you. However, you should be aware of their track record before trusting them with your home sale. You should also know if you will have their full focus and attention or if they have have another job.

How Will You Prepare My Listing?

Other than posting it on what specifically will you do to drive buyers to my house or condo? Will you use professional photographers and videographers? Do you have a home stager? Run from the agent who claims he takes great photos with an iPhone!

Will You Market My Home Online?

Almost all home buyer surveys show that 90%+ of buyers search for their next house online. You should make sure your home will be found. It isn’t enough anymore just to post listings on Facebook and Instagram. Is your realtor paying to promote the posts? How are they being targeted? Are the ads for your home being seen by the right audience?

What Is My Home Worth?

The follow up to this question is: “Prove It!”. Some Realtors will tell you what you want to hear. Others will give you a detailed analysis clearly demonstrating your home’s value, setting your expectations, and explaining how your house will be marketed.

What Would Your Past Clients Say?

If this makes the Realtor uneasy and they can’t provide you with references in a timely fashion…it is probably worth while, looking into another professional!

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