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What Is The Perfect Shade Of White For Your Home?

6 Tips To Help Make Your Selection


Ever notice how many different shades of white
there are? Struggling to find the right one for you?
Then this blog post is for you. Picking the right
shade of white can be a daunting task and an
important piece of the design of your room. But it
is not impossible! Follow the tips below and you’ll

have the perfect white in no time.


1. Shades Of White

First you’ll want to get to know the spectrum of
whites available to you. White paints have a
variety of undertones varying from blue, red,
green or yellow. Lay your white chits out on a
piece of white paper so you can see better all the
subtle colours pop.

2. What Are You Working With?

Before picking a shade for a room you need to
look around at what is the room already, and what
you plan on having in it. If the furnishings are
neutral in the room, pick a warmer white; if your

room has a lot of colour then go with a cooler

3. Home Style

What style is your home? It’s a good idea to look at
the style of your home or the style you are trying
to achieve. A pure white can make the space feel
more modern whereas a white tinged with some
colour feels more traditional.

4. Middle Of The Line

If you still can’t decide whether your home can
handle a warmer shade of white versus a cooler
shade. Split the difference and choose one that is
right in the middle.

5. Bright Lights

Natural light, the amount of natural light in a room
can have an impact on how the paint looks on the
walls. Lots of natural light your best bet is to go
with a pure white. If your space is lacking natural
light a white with more pigment is the best option
for you.

6.  Doing Your Homework

Before you purchase any paint first take home all
the white samples you can carry, seriously the

more the merrier. What you thought was your
first choice in the store, crisp and modern may
actually be too cool once in your space. So look at
the chits in your space at different times of day,
with different the lights on, with the lights off to
really understand the hues it will pick up in your