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Is a Home Reno in your 2021 future?

What features Should You Include?

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Renovating your home can be overwhelming but change
is a good. The goal when planning a home renovation is
to balance enhancing the functionality of your home
wile also adding in style. Here are 10 features you’ll
want to be sure to integrate into your home for 2021.


1. Windows Windows Windows

Who doesn’t love natural light and bright living spaces,
but they can also be source of wasted energy and lost
heat in your home. So here is it feature number one to
include replacing old windows with new energy-
efficient ones. It can refresh the look of your home while
saving resources (and money in the long term).

2. Warm Toes

Home can be your sanctuary, so adding features
designed to make your mornings that much more
luxurious can be an investment in your property (and
yourself). Installing heated floors in the bathroom can
be the perfect cozy finish giving your time at home that
extra comfort level you never knew you were missing.

3. Energy Efficient is in

Older appliances use a lot of electricity and water,
which over time adds up to, wasted money and
resources, they also can make your space look clunky
and outdated. When replacing old appliances look for
energy-saving models that are eco-friendly.

4. Styling Sink

Kitchen renovations aren’t all about the counters and
cabinets, upgraded your kitchen sink can give your
kitchen the refresh it needs while offering key
functional benefits. Going with a sink made from natural
materials such as high-quality granite or a composite
material can resist heat, scratches and stains. Upgrading
your sink will give your kitchen that luxe look you’re
craving while also being incredibly hardwearing and
long lasting.

5. Reclaiming Beams

Incorporating wood into your home reno? Reclaimed
wood can be an aesthetically pleasing and eco-
conscious. Reclaimed wood details are a stylish design
choice and more a more sustainable way to add a
natural feel to your kitchen reno. Whether in ceiling
beams, countertops or in flooring.