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How Is your Home Being Marketed Online?

How Are YOU Going To Help Sell My Home? 







We get asked this a lot!

In fact, almost every time we meet someone to discuss selling their home they want to know what we are going to specifically do to help get their house sold quickly, efficiently, and for a great price.

How are we going to differentiate ourselves from all the other very capable Realtors in London? 

It’s a strong market, just put a sign up and the home will sell

Sure, the market is strong in London. It helps get homes sold fast.

We know that most listings at the moment, when managed correctly (don’t get me started on continually moving offer dates!!!) , will receive multiple offers with the bare minimum of work required. 

However, does that reflect favourably on us?

Do we want to just do the bare minimum to get by? No!

We want to impress our clients, work full out, and hopefully impress family and friends to grow our business. 

Why settle for 1 or 2 offers when with the correct market we could be looking at 10 -15 ? 


How do we exceed the bare minimum?

Let’s put it another way: How do we add leverage to take advantage of a great market? 

Let’s start here, did you know?
  • 71 % of Canadian Internet users visit YouTube consistently every month 
  • Instagram has over 12 million users in Canada
  • More than 14 million Canadians check their Facebook news feed every day
Not only do we take advantage of these numbers, we make sure to use them correctly. 
  • We don’t advertise Old Hunt Club properties to Fanshawe students
  • Demographic economics / population economics targeting is essential for success
  • We do not just post videos online and hope for the best (Much like putting a sign up on the lawn and hoping that one right buyer drives by).
  • We pay to promote and target our videos
We make sure your videos and photos and appear in front of the people most likely to be interested and our results speak for themselves….

Our Online Marketing Results 2020


 By The Numbers

YouTube Listing Videos 
  • 552,004 Impressions
  • 139,796 Views (full views)
  • 3,522.4 Hrs of viewing
  • Average person watches 1:30m of our YouTube videos

Instagram Listing Videos 

  • FYI: Did you know we have videos custom made specifically to fit on Instagram. 
  • Listing Video Impressions : 304,402
  • Video Plays: 230,083
  • Potential Buyer Engagement: 75.6%
Facebook Listing Video Advertising
  •  Listing Video Impressions: 345,472
  • Listing Video Plays: 250,037
  • Potential Buyer Engagement: 72.4%


If you are thinking of selling in 2021 we should talk 🏡

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