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5 Kitchen Organizing Tips

Keeping your kitchen clean can be a real challenge when it is the main hub of your
house with people constantly coming and going.

How do you avoid this?

Set yourself up with a smarter storage system that can help create a foundation of kitchen
organization and making it easier to tidy up your kitchen each day.





De Clutter Your Space
When it comes to kitchens we tend to accumulate a lot of things we don’t necessarily
need or use. Full cabinets with old chipped plates and appliances that haven’t
worked in ages taking up useful space. That is why this is the first step in organizing
your kitchen, going through and getting rid of anything that’s broken or no longer
useful to you. Make room and space to organize and clean what you actually need.


Show It Off
It can be hard to deal with what you can’t see, storing your food staples in a clear see
through glass container make it easier to keep tidy when you aren’t constantly
rooting around through bins and boxes.


Make Use Of The Space You Have
Do your kitchen cupboards feel cluttered? Re assess the space you have, are you
using it to its highest potential. Do your cabinets have a lot of vertical space that is
being under utilized? Try adding a wire shelf so you can have two rows of plates.


Organizing at Eye-Level
Organizing items in your cabinets can be a personal choice but a smart rule of
thumb is to put the things you use most often in the easiest to reach spots, in your
line of sight.


Fridge Organization
It’s time to clear everything out and give the inside of your fridge a good clean, once
it’s all clean time to get organizing. The most important part of an organized fridge is
avoiding cross-contamination. Keep ready to eat foods like produce separate and
above and raw foods like uncooked meat or chicken. This helps to avoid any animal
items from dripping down. Clear bins can help you have a better idea of what is in
your fridge and make sure nothing accidentally rots because it’s out of sight.