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5 Easy Ways Your Home Can Give Back This Year

5 Easy Ways Your Home Can Give Back This Year



There are many ways to give back this year from the comfort of your home. You have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of others by using your resources, skills and the community around you to help out. 

Book Swap:

By clearing out some of your home’s over-crowded shelves. Participating in or helping to set up a neighborhood library (a free library box in the neighborhood where people can leave a book and take a book) or a socially distanced book exchange. Whether it’s a bedtime story you read to your kids or a bestseller you’ve read many times a book exchange/ neighborhood book library is a fun and easy way to both declutter but also share with your community.

Home Décor:

Donating seasonal decorations and home décor is a great way to both make space in your home while also helping another families house feel more like home this Christmas season. Donations to Diabetes Canada help divert thousands of textiles and household items from ending up in landfills each year. So not only are you doing good for other but also helping do good for the planet.

Kids Donation:

Involving your children in the donation process can be a great way to teach them the importance of giving and sharing toys and games they’ve outgrown is a great start. Have your children help you sort through old games and toys that are still in great condition, or organize a safe socially distanced toy drive in your community.

Making Old Clothes New:

Have clothes shoved in the back of your closet that haven’t been worn in years? Lets face it you aren’t going to pull those jeans on anytime soon. Your clothing items that no longer serve you could be bringing style and comfort to someone else. Clothing bins are conveniently located throughout the city.

 Food For Thought:

Food is an issue that impacts the whole community. Non-perishable food items is a great place to start, look through you pantry or shop for extra staples the next time you’re at the store. Items like canned or dried beans, canned vegetables, rice and pasta and canned proteins like tuna and chicken are good places to start. 


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