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10 House Plants That Help Reduce Humidity In The bathroom

Lets talk bathroom décor, adding plants
may not be your first design choice. But
plants that absorb humidity can both
serve as decor and natural dehumidifiers.

Whether your bathroom has little light or
lots of light to work with, we have made a
list with the best plants to help absorb that bathroom humidity.



1. Fiddle Leaf Fig – Love humidity
The most recent popular instagram
famous fiddle leaf makes for great décor it
is native to West Africa. Fiddle leaf Figs
tend to dry out between thorough
watering. They thrive best when given
occasional humidity boost. If your
bathroom has a large window or indirect
light your fiddle leaf will definitely enjoy
the humidity in your bathroom.

2. Boston Fern aka the Great Shower plant
Ferns have a bad reputation for being
hard to care for – which isn’t wrong.
Without a healthy dose of humidity they
are likely to crisp right up. But it is also
for this exact reason that they make great
shower plants. They are able to absorb
warm humidity through their leaves just

like a natural humidifier.

3. Pothos – one of the easiest house plants
to care for. Pothos come in all different
varieties and are known as a classic
houseplant for a reason. They are very
hardy and can tolerate a variety of
growing conditions for example the

humidity of a shower.

4. Palm Plants perfect for a sunny humid


Palms bring along with them tropical
vibes but similar to ferns they’re quick to
get crispy if missing a healthy dose of

humidity. So if you’re wanting to
transform your bathroom into a spa-like
oasis the palm is for you, and remember it
will also help decrease the humidity of

your space.

5. Orchids thrive in Humidity

Not only is the orchid beautiful but also
thrives best in 50 to 70 percent humidity
making them ideal for absorbing that

bathroom humidity.

6. Peace Lilies not only love humidity but

also love moisture.

Moist soil is best for the big glossy leaves

of the peace lilies.

7. Air Plants Absorb Moisture through

their leaves.

They are a unique plant because they
don’t grow in soil. Instead they absorb
moisture and nutrients through their
leaves. Air plants come in so many

different lovely shapes and sizes from
thin wispy leaves to flat curly leaves.
Along with the humidity from the
bathroom air plants love a good soak in a
sink filled with water once a week to help

keep them happy.

8. Bromeliads to add a pop of colour
The bright and colourful bromeliad can be
a fun way to add a splash to your
bathroom. These plants are known for
being easygoing and are in the same
family as the air plant, but grow in soil.
They thrive best in a moist and humid


9. Snake plant

Known for its reputation as an

indestructible plant. This stunning plant
thrives with bright indirect light and
regular watering but can also tolerate a
little neglect. It has also been said to have
air-filtering properties, which make it the

perfect choice to help reduce the
humidity in a bathroom.

10. Spider plants

Another classic easygoing adorable
houseplant. They will do well in a humid
environment and if happy will produce
babies that can be separated and shared

with your friends!